Programme 51st International Mathematical Olympiad

2009-11-24 18:30:18

Programme 51st International Mathematical Olympiad (Astana, Kazakhstan, 2010)

Date Leaders Deputy Leaders Contestants
Friday 2.07.2010 Arrival    
Saturday 3.07.2010 Jury meeting    
Sunday 4.07.2010 Jury meeting    
Monday 5.07.2010 Jury meeting Arrival Arrival
Tuesday 6.07.2010 Opening ceremony
Tuesday 6.07.2010   Departure to the Republican Educational and Practical Center «Baldauren»
Wednesday 7.07.2010 Q & A First day of contest First day of contest
Thursday 8.07.2010 Q & A Second day of contest Second day of contest
Friday 9.07.2010 Coordination Coordination Excursion
Saturday 10.07.2010 Coordination Coordination Excursion
Sunday 11.07.2010 Last jury meeting Last jury meeting Excursion
Monday 12.07.2010 Excursion
Tuesday 13.07.2010 Closing Ceremony / Farewell Dinner
Wednesday 14.07.2010 Departure

30 June – 1 July 2010 – arrival and survey of places by IMO AB members IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TEAM LEADERS Jury meetings of IMO 2010 from July 2 to July 5, 2010, will be held in Almaty, another city of Kazakhstan. So we kindly ask team leaders and observers A to come directly to Almaty and, if it is possible, to leave Kazakhstan from Astana. The RSPC “Daryn” will provide transferring of all team leaders and observers A from Almaty to Astana on July 6, 2010.