Contest Location and Time

Contest Location and Time. The two IMO 2010 contests will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, 7 and 8 July 2010. Students arrive at 8:30 at the contest site. The contest is scheduled to start at 9:00 and lasts 4 hours 30 minutes. Each day, students are given three problems in up to two languages of their choice.

Examination Tools. Contestants may bring their personal writing and drawing instruments such as pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners, rulers and compasses into the examination room. Not permitted are calculators (including watches with built-in calculators), mobile phones, electronic devices, protractors, briefcases, backpacks, toys, books, notes, tables, papers or any other written material. You may also bring your personal food or drinks (provided they do not make noise when consumed) and, if necessary, a small talisman (small enough so as to fit into one hand of yours). Any personal utensils that you wish to bring into the contest room should be inside the transparent plastic bags that are given to you by the team guides.

Finding Your Workplace. Guides and invigilators will help you find your workplace. Find your workplace and remain seated quietly. Remain seated until after the exam. If you want to leave your seat because you need to go to the toilet, or because you want to finish the contest early, you must first consult the invigilators (use the red or yellow cards as described below).

When all contestants are seated, invigilators will hand out the individual competition folders. Please check that you received the folder marked with your contestant code.


Your folder will contain the following:

1. the contest problems in up to two languages as previously requested; 2. 20 sheets of paper (answer forms) to do your work; 3. one sheet of paper for asking a question to the jury; 4. three colored problem folders, to collect solution sheets for one problem; 5. five colored cards:

white: to request more paper

yellow: to ask a question to the jury (during initial 30 minutes only)

blue: to request water

green: if you need to go to the toilet

red: if you need help or want to stop working early (not during last 30 min)

Announcements. The following announcements or communications will be made during the contest.

Before the contest: announcement “Remain seated quietly and do not open the contest folders before you are told to do so”. At 0 hours 00 minutes working time: announcement “You may now open the folders and start to work” After 0 hours 25 minutes: yellow signs with “5 mins” will be displayed by invigilators, indicating that you have five minutes left to ask questions to the jury (no announcement). After 4 hours 00 minutes: green signs with “30 minutes” will be displayed by invigilators, indicating that you have thirty minutes left for solutions. You may no longer leave the room. After 4 hours 25 minutes: yellow signs with “5 minutes” will be displayed by invigilators, indicating that you have five minutes left for solutions. After 4 hours 30 minutes: announcement “Please stop work immediately. Put your solution sheets into the respective colored folders, sorted by problem, and all three solution folders into the white folder. Please remain seated until you are requested to leave the room”. The elapsed time will be visible throughout the contest hall.

Writing Your Solutions. Write your solutions and rough work on the answer forms. You will get more paper if necessary (white cards). Do not write on the back of the paper. Fill in your contestant code, problem number and page number on each answer form as you use it. You must work on your own and submit your solutions in your language. Your work will be scanned and copied in black and white, so please use blue or black ink or a very dark black pencil.

In case you need more paper, please show your white card. An invigilator will give you five (5) more sheets of paper.

Questions to the Jury. During the first 30 minutes of the contest, you may submit written questions to the jury. These should be written in your own language on the query form provided. Once your question is ready, raise your yellow card and an invigilator will collect it and send it to the jury. The jury will decide whether, and how, the question will be answered, and afterwards the answer will be communicated back to you. Depending on the number of questions, this may take some time. Five minutes before the end of the question period, there will be an announcement (5 min card).

Other Needs or Requests. If you need more water, raise your blue card. In case you have to go to the toilet, show your green card (not during the last 30 minutes of the contest). In case of emergency or illness raise your red card to receive help.

At the End of the Exam. Once the end of the examination is announced, stop writing immediately. Sort your work by problem number and put the solutions for each problem into the appropriate problem folder (colored). Put the three problem folders inside the large white folder, leave it closed on your table and remain silent and seated until the invigilators have collected all the folders. Do not put any blank sheet inside the folders. Unused sheets should be left on the table outside the folders. Any written paper not included in the folders will be destroyed.

Early Termination of the Contest. In case you finish your work during the first four hours (before the last 30 minutes are announced) you may show your red HELP card to tell the invigilators that you have finished and you want to leave the room. After leaving the examination room you will not be allowed to return to it that day. During the last 30 minutes you cannot leave the contest room before the regular work period is over; if you finish during this period, wait quietly in your place until the end. Also, you will not be allowed to leave the room during the first 30 minutes.

What to Take Out of the Room. Apart from the contest problems, you are not allowed to take out of the room any materials other than those that you brought in your plastic bag. Specifically, do not take with you any blank or written answer sheet, query form or colored card. Improper Behavior. In the interest of a successful IMO 2010, contestants are expected work quietly without disturbing others, and of course respecting the obligation to work on their own. They need to follow these instructions and rules. In case of violations, the Chief Invigilator may issue a warning, report incidents to the jury for further action, or take other suitable action to maintain the integrity of the competition.

The organizers of the 51st IMO 2010 wish you good luck!